The Student Exchange Program - Destinations


For 2017 - 2018, CEEF will be offering three-month international exchanges for secondary school students to four European countries: France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Also in Europe a shorter two-month exchange to France is available for secondary school students.

Elementary school students may apply for a three-month reciprocal exchange to France. Apply in Grade 7 and go on exchange in your Grade 8 year.

In addition, CEEF organizes one month reciprocal exchanges to France and Spain (July abroad and August hosting) and a three week reciprocal exchange to Switzerland (first 3 weeks of July abroad and the following 3 weeks hosting in Canada). Secondary students may apply for all three destinations, Students in Grades 7 or 8 may only apply for France or Switzerland. Please note that summer programs are for Ontario students only.

To learn more about these exciting destinations, please visit the links provided below.