The Educator Exchange Program - Application Kit

Before filling out an application, please:

• Read the Teacher/Educator Exchange Information Package: Before You Apply prior to starting an application or inquiry.
• Discuss the exchange program with your family and school. School authorities can be referred to CEEF regarding additional questions or concerns.

Application Submission

• Download and save the Application Package on your computer. If you have already started an earlier version of the Application Package, this will continue to be accepted.
• Complete all information* then scan with all attachments (e.g. teaching certification, timetable, photos), completed professional reference forms, and signed declarations, as per the Application Checklist (page 17).
• Submit all pieces of the Application Package in a single document to the CEEF Teacher Exchange Program Manager:

*Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Please contact CEEF if you require accommodations for alternate modes of submission.

• Submit the Application Fee by Interac® E-transfer or bank cheque as per Information Package and Checklist instructions.

After you apply:

Once your Application Package is processed and reviewed, CEEF liaises with partnering international exchange authorities to identify potential exchange partners and will contact applicants and their schools regarding potential placement opportunities.

An exchange placement is considered to be fully confirmed when the Canadian and foreign school authorities and exchange participants have all accepted and signed off on the proposal. CEEF supports participants and school authorities throughout the process of preparing for exchange in line with international obligations and requirements of Canadian and host jurisdictions. Some materials to help along the way:

Handbook for Canadian Teachers Going on Exchange

A Canadian Guide for Your Teacher Exchangee

Handbook for Exchange Teachers Coming to British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan

For additional information:

CEEF Teacher/Educator Exchange Program Manager, Kimberly Sturge
+1 705 739 7596