School Groups - The Exchange Process

1. Students and a sponsor teacher contact CEEF to inquire about an exchange.

2. A country destination is chosen.

3. A meeting is held with a CEEF representative to learn about the exchange experience.

4. A school application is completed.

5. Student applications are handed in with deposit cheque.

6. A partner school is found with the help of a CEEF partner in the hosting country. A preliminary costing is done.

7. Sponsor teachers communicate and determine dates for the exchange.

8. The group determines their travel needs and a final costing is done.

9. The students, teachers and parents determine the itinerary for the visiting school in Canada. The CEEF representative works with the school to plan this itinerary. The partners will do the same for your school in their country.

10. Meetings are held to keep students and parents informed on the progress of the exchange planning.

11. The exchange school arrives.

12. The Canadian school visits the exchange school and country.