The Student Exchange Program - Destinations


For 2020 – 2021, CEEF will be offering three-month international exchanges for secondary school students to four European countries: France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Also in Europe a shorter two-month exchange to France is available for secondary school students.

Elementary school students may apply for a three-month reciprocal exchange to France. Apply in Grade 7 and go on exchange in your Grade 8 year. This program is not available to students in the Toronto District School Board.

In addition, CEEF organizes one month reciprocal exchanges to France and Spain. For France, Canadian students travel in July and host here in August. For Spain, Canadian students host here in July and travel in August. Secondary students may apply for France or Spain. Students in Grades 7 or 8 may only apply for France. Please note that summer programs are for Ontario students only.

To learn more about these exciting destinations, please visit the links provided below.