The Student Exchange Program


The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation. CEEF organizes reciprocal educational exchange programs for elementary and secondary school students through partnerships with government and private agencies in many countries. The organization and management of CEEF exchanges in Canada is carried out by a small professional multilingual staff with the assistance of many volunteers – school principals, teachers, former exchange participants, parents and retired teachers.

CEEF student exchanges are school-based. When you apply, your school principal must approve your participation by signing your application form.

There are two phases to every student exchange: a hosting period, and a visiting period.

When you are successfully matched for a Two/Three-month Program, a visiting student lives with your family from the middle of August until early October/November and attends classes in your school once the fall term begins.

To complete the exchange, you travel to the home country of your exchange partner, live with his/her family from early February until early/late April/early May and attend school in that country.

If you would like to participate in an international exchange but feel that you are not quite ready for a two/three month program, consider applying for one of CEEF’s Summer Programs to France or Spain (Summer Programs are available only to students living in Ontario). For France, Canadian students spend the month of July in France and return to Canada with their partners for the month of August. For Spain, Canadian students host their Spanish partners in Canada in July and then travel to Spain with their partners for the month of August.

To find answers to some questions most frequently asked about our Two/Three- month Program, or for more information about Summer Programs to France or Spain just click on the Questions? menu button. We hope you will decide that a CEEF student exchange is right for you!

After browsing this web site, if you still have questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact CEEF by email or telephone 705 739-7596.